Provincial's Letter

Very Rev. John J. Cecero, SJ

Very Rev. John J. Cecero, SJ

Dear Friends,

As the long, cold winter in the Northeast has finally turned to spring, tending to this publication of our annual report warms my heart, as I look back with you on the 2017 fiscal year and recall the many ways your support is changing lives.

Whether you are a member of a Jesuit parish, a graduate of one of our schools, a present or former retreatant at a Jesuit center, or someone who may know us though some other venue and resonate with our efforts to serve God and His people, your gifts to the province support an unparalleled range of services that impact others and help us sustain critical parts of our mission.

Gifts made to the province provide for the costs of Jesuits in formation and for the care for senior and inform priests and brothers, while helping to subsidize costs at Jesuit works that serve those most in need, including our middle schools, international works and spiritual ministries. 

As we look back over some of the highlights in our various ministries over the past year, accompaniment emerges as a dominant theme. 

Wherever Jesuits and their colleagues are, you’ll find men and women following Christ in meaningful ways, embracing Ignatius’ bold vision of walking beside those whom we are called to love and serve in His name. In our schools, parishes, colleges, universities, retreat houses and even in hospitals, prisons and overseas ministries, Ignatius’ charism inspires us and offers a fine lens through which to look at the needs of God’s people, and to take action.

Ignatius would be proud that you, too, are accompanying us in our mission with your prayers, with your advocacy and with your wide-ranging support.

With your help and with God’s blessings, the Jesuits will strive to accomplish even more in the years to come, with the support of good people like you, friends and companions in mission. 

Thank you for your prayers and for your generosity.

In Corde Jesu, 


Rev. John J. Cecero, SJ
Provincial, USA Northeast Province

Through gifts large and small, our donors make possible the daily miracles of the
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